Dinner for Eight: a simple way to know new friends, and know old friends better.

At FLAG, we believe building relationships is essential to growing in our faith. And what better way to make friends than over dinner?!

Starting in May, we will have groups of no more than eight adults who meet for dinner once a month until August–just to connect and have a great time together!


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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dinner for Eight?

The Dinner for Eight is a great way to meet new people at church and get to know your church family better. It is simply eight friends getting together for dinner just once-per-month for 4 consecutive months. That’s it.

How does a Dinner for Eight Group work?

Simply fill out the online registration form for you and your spouse (if applicable) or fill out a form at the church. Indicate if you would be willing to coordinatea group or host  a meal gathering at your home.

Once groups are formed, a Group Coordinator will be selected from the group roster. They will contact members to arrange the details for the first gathering. The leader of the group will contact group members to organize who will bring what dish to share. During dinner, the group will agree on a schedule of when and where to meet the next month.

All that sounds pretty good so far, but who cooks the meals?

Everyone! Potbless dinners are the best way to simplify meal planning and distribute the costs among everyone in the group.

How are the Dinner for Eight Groups formed?

As Dinner for Eight Groups are formed, we will put people together to make sure each group has at most eight adults. Part of this ministry’s excitement is the mystery of who will be in your group!

Will there be separate Dinner for Eight for singles and couples?

No! Our intention is to mix EVERYONE together. That way you will have more fun.

This is sounding better and better, but I/we have kids. What happens to them?

The decision to include children will be determined by your group. Please indicate on the registration form if you are open to including children or must include your children in your Dinner for Eight Group. Note: the church will not be providing any form of  childcare for this ministry.

What happens after our final dinner gathering?

Hopefully, you will have had a wonderful experience that you will continue meeting as a Dinner for Eight Group for another season or sign-up for another round with another group.

When will my group’s first dinner be?

As soon as everyone agrees to the day and time!

I don’t have room to host a dinner or I really can’t cook!

No problem! Our desire is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other and to include everyone. You are not required to host a dinner at your home to participate. Some groups may be hosted at the Leader’s home every month while others groups may rotate to a few willing hosts. If you can’t or don’t like to cook you may bring soft drinks, buy a rotisserie chicken, or some other store bought option (approved by the host). Or you may all agree to meet a time or two at a restaurant (going Dutch obviously!).