July 2, 2018


Last month, three of our men joined a team of men from though out Texas to assist with building a roof on a church located in a remote village in Brazil.

Upon arriving at a large city in Brazil by air, the men traveled 8 hours by boat on the Amazon River! Despite the challenges, they joyfully served in this labor of love!

In this picture, we see John Sullivan (left) and Ted Price (right) digging for the Lord! Not seen but actually taking the picture is Manny Martinez.









July 2, 2018


This is the description Pastor Albert uses when referring to our Primetimers Ministry (retirement age or better).


These are often veteran prayer warriors that have been through all types of difficulties in life, and as a result, they “know that they know” that God is always faithful!! Their spiritual maturity and stability contribute so much to our church!!

Here’s a picture of them at a restaurant they ate at yesterday.










June 14, 2018


After weeks of preparation, registration, team training, and setting up colorful props and staging throughout the entire church facilities, we launched our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) outreach on Monday.

The place was full! We saw many new faces attending this year’s VBS. The fun teachings of Bible truths have been exciting and powerful.

But the highlight of VBS?

Tonight’s special altar service in the main sanctuary! The anointing of the Holy Spirit was heavy in the room, as the altars were completely filled with children seeking more of God.  We saw about 90% of the children respond!

This picture beautifully summarizes the moment.

And these kids will never forget it.












March 26, 2018



IMG_2287_FotorThis evening we concluded a 3-service revival with Evangelist Larry Martin.  Even though it was a school night, we had a great turn out on Monday night.  Many families brought their children and youth.

All the altar services were powerful. Everyone was blessed, and many were spiritually revived.

Here’s a picture of the altar service during the closing service of the revival.  People lingered.  It was beautiful.

















February 23, 2018



IMG_2178-1This week, a group of our Primetimers (retirement age or better) attended the Annual Seniors Summit in Kerrville, Texas that was hosted by the South Texas District Assemblies of God.

Along with hundred of other attenders, our Primetimers had an absolutely wonderful time of fellowship!

They were ministered by former General Attorney General John Ashcroft who led exciting song services of classic hymns, along with inspiring stories.

We’re grateful for the ministry of our own Primetimers Pastor, Russell Joyce (far left in this picture). His wife is seated in front of him in the blue sweater.

After pastoring their last church in Connecticut for 30 years, The Joyce’s moved to Texas to retire and be close to family.  But God had different plans!





January 6, 2018


26195849_10159854032195720_2387808928355453889_nWhat a delight and encouragement it was to see so many of our families bring their children to the nightly prayer meeting during the annual week of “Just Prayer”.

Children may not always remember specific sermons, but they will remember special moments lingering in the presence of God.











December 31, 2017



IMG_1999_FotorAfter almost 13 years serving as our part time custodian, Joe Molander is retiring. His last day was today.

Of course, he and his wife Jesse are not leaving FLAG. But at 86 years old, “Brother Joe” is finally ready to slow down some.

This morning, the FLAG church family surprised and honored him with a special gift to use in his “retirement” years.  He was presented with a tiller to use on his garden (he grows delicious tomatoes every year).

“Render….honor to whom honor is due.” (Romans 13:7)












December 7, 2017



IMG_1919-1Two of our wonderful volunteers, Margie McKenney and Linda Whaley, drove in ugly weather today to deliver Christmas gifts to ALL the kids at Pleasant Hill Children’s Home, Fairfield, TX (halfway between Houston and Dallas).

These gifts were purchased by FLAG members during our annual “Merry Manger” project for the children’s Home.

They were indeed “angel couriers” for the Kingdom of God!











November 18, 2016



IMG_1787_FotorThis morning a large group of hungry men came to a special breakfast at the church. Our brand new stainless steel kitchen was put to good use, and the hallways smelled like Cracker Barrel.

A few of the men that came had not really met, until now. After eating and visiting together in an informal setting, new friendships were forged!

Later in the morning, guest speaker Paul Capehart (pastor of Harvest Family Church in Cypress, TX) brought a short but powerful message to the men on the subject of “spiritual fire” in the Chapel.  It resonated with everyone, as they closed with exuberant prayer.














October 29, 2017


FullSizeRender-1_FotorThere are two large storage containers at the back parking lot of the church. Perhaps you’ve seen them and were wondering why they were there.

These containers are filled with donated clothing given t0 Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) after the recent Hurricane Harvey that devastated many homes in the Houston area.

But since KCM was also displaced from their facilities due to extensive flooding, they had no place to store relief donations.

So that’s when FLAG came into the picture!  In response of KCM’s emergency need of storage space, our church rented these two containers just to be a blessing to KCM.

These containers were neither fancy or pretty.  But for the KCM leadership, they were a sight for sore eyes!